012 - Andrew Cohen: What Makes You An Expert

Andrew Cohen; head of design at Skookum joins us. Mexican Breaking Bad. The "only biggest" iPhone rumor. His path to a design lead and the importance of mentoring and helping new designers find their way. Designers who code and leveling up your expertise. Kyle hates/loves Michael. The developer and designer partnership. What is our lasting legacy as designers? And finally, can "dark patterns" be used for good?

About Andrew:
I'm a traditionally-trained Product Designer that spends his days leading and growing a team. Over the last 9+ years I've worked within agencies, startups, and consulting firms. As a designer I've built products that delight users, solve problems, and increase revenue. Beyond products, I build and lead design teams that establish system-level design-thinking and solutions.

Outside of work I make time for my family, competitive cycling, the outdoors, and burritos.

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