140 - A Little Bit of Y

Alex gets stung by a yellow jacket! Michael works on client logos on his website. Kyle made it to the bottom of his to do list, say wah?! We discuss how to be bored. THE BEST design tips we've ever seen to take your UI to the next level! Typeface trends and selection.

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139 - Pleasure Reading

Kyle buttons up Develop Denver business, Alex made some jet ski friends, and Michael took a long long weekend. What happened to the browser homepage? The resurgence of print design principles. We discuss the next step after Google Material.

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138 - LIVE at Develop Denver

We're LIVE from Develop Denver with all the co-hosts: Emily, Alex and SuAnne in the house!! The return of the Hustle Hat. Hiring a team in the year 2020. As seniors how to advocate for juniors. New gig; how to set the tone for collaboration. Our thoughts on defining UX roles, the title dilemma.

Sprint UX Podcast
136 - Jorb

The studio has moved to Kyle's basement. Michael quit his job and Alex is figuring out the new digs. Listener email! Keep em coming. What we've learned from our co-hosts. Facial recognition payment systems, are the future?? The shape of currency is determined by its function.

Sprint UX Podcast
132 - Nature of Your Work

Michael is reading Snow Crash, Kyle loves Chuck Klosterman, and Alex got a new gig and heads on a gap break. The crew tries out User Inyerface - A worst-practice UI experiment. All the safety: Firefox protects your internet yes with multi-account browsing and the EU requires electric cars to emit noise. Our advice for a bike shop owner chatbot.

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