About Us

Each week Michael Dusing, Kyle Coberly, Emily McCammon and Alex Hoffman sit down for the Sprint, a UX podcast. Listen as they drink and converse their way through UX, design and tech news.



Michael Dusing

Product designer, organizer Develop Happy Hour Meetup group, Develop Denver conference board member, tech nerd, food lover, and beer enthusiast. My passion is helping small companies and businesses grow their communities.


Kyle Coberly

Professional web app developer, Develop Denver conference board member, marketer, and audio engineer. Amateur economist.


Alex Hoffman

Episodes 122 - current

Product designer who has been creating interfaces for the past seven years. He graduated with a bachelors in fine arts with an emphasis in digital design from CU Denver. On the weekends you can find him doing shoddy calligraphy, mountain biking, snowboarding, and sippin’ beers with friends.


Emily McCammon

Episodes 088 - 121; current

UX designer and teacher who believes that pixels matter because people matter. She has worked for clients including Gaia, Toyota, and Apple. Emily breaks away from her laptop’s force field by hiking, skiing and yoga.


SuAnne Hall

Episodes 060 - 087

UX Product Architect who loves UX, traveling, reading crappy young adult fiction, beer, and dogs.  I love working for a cybersecurity company, doing research and design, and becoming more and more paranoid by the day.


Cody Moiseve

Episodes 001 - 059

Product Designer. Amateur sandwich connoisseur. Adventurer and beer lover. I specialize in helping startups develop their product for market.