020 - Login With Other

Our impressions from the GA UX showcase. Cody masters everything Principle. Using Keynote for prototyping. It's a sad day Michael lost his sunglasses. Listener question from Twitter, more specific feedback on getting started in UX. Network, network, network. Should you offer social logins on your product? We believe in the power of micro-interactions and progress indicators. Should you allow free use vs requiring an account? We end with Alexa upgrade craziness.

Sprint UX Podcast
019 - Street Smart UX

Kyle fails at self-care, Cody's been running and Michael is cancer free. Michael is replacing all of his doors with felt panels. Kyle's back in his happy place on Linux. It's Silicon Valley Season 4 time! How do you get started in UX as a beginner? The traits of a UXer and the importance of being a part of the community. Learning on the job (in the street) vs academic learning and terms. Be a creator and make things and always continue learning.

Sprint UX Podcast
018 - Self-Care

Cody's living it up in Cali, Michael talks colon cancer awareness and Kyle gets emotional about Galvanize. We now have our own Alexa Skill!! When should you mix portrait or landscape orientation with an app? Stressing the importance of self-care in a digital non-stop world. Give 80% and give yourself 20%.

Sprint UX Podcast
017 - Amazon No Go

After Dark Edition – Cody's living large in LA. Usability of the modern shower with the Nebia shower system. Oh no, looks like there will be OLED iPhone 8 delays. When should you use card sorting to help determine the IA of your site? The design of web menus and our feelings on hamburgers. Netflix updates ratings to included thumbs up/down and percentage matching. Amazon Go store status and Android OS market share dominance. New web video products; YouTube releases YouTube TV taking on cable providers, Apple developing original content and the Apple Clips app goes live on the App Store. The Apple Messages store for stickers where you too can find Michael's sticker packs brought to you by Armada Faction.

Sprint UX Podcast
016 - It's Not A Contest

Kyle's back from Ember Conf, Cody's birthday, our anniversaries, moral dilemmas and Michael loves of HIMYM. The random continues with UI of butter and all of the Meetups, but it's not a contest. What it means to be a product person in today's market with the addition of review replies within the Apple App Store. We discuss the evolution of social platforms as Twitter updates replies and profile images and Facebook adds Instagram Stories.

Sprint UX Podcast
014 - Bag Full of Problems

Current books on our nightstands and our feelings on digital reading. UX lessons to be learned from WWII. Some listener emails on product design life cycles and how to avoid feature bloat by outlining and guiding projects. What level of documentation is helpful when working with devs? Project Jacquard  by Google for capturing touch and gesture data on fabric. Make your site load faster with the new Google encoder Guetzli for jpgs. Netflix is ditching 5-star ratings in favor of thumbs up/thumbs down and Cartcam introduces incentives for video reviews. Spoiler Kyle has a burning hatred for video reviews. And finally, we end on the true value of comments and user activity posts.

Sprint UX Podcast
013 - Let's Pivot

Get a FREE trip to New Zealand to interview for a tech job. Netflix updates. Cody/Michael want to speak about ux. Make any car (almost) a self-driving car as we talk about leveling up self-driving tech. SXSW is happening and sadly, we are not there. Simple Shared changing up banking with joint accounts based on how people actually use banking. Can Kyle complete the outro in one go?

Sprint UX Podcast
012 - Andrew Cohen: What Makes You An Expert

Andrew Cohen; head of design at Skookum joins us. Mexican Breaking Bad. The "only biggest" iPhone rumor. His path to a design lead and the importance of mentoring and helping new designers find their way. Designers who code and leveling up your expertise. Kyle hates/loves Michael. The developer and designer partnership. What is our lasting legacy as designers? And finally, can "dark patterns" be used for good?

About Andrew:
I'm a traditionally-trained Product Designer that spends his days leading and growing a team. Over the last 9+ years I've worked within agencies, startups, and consulting firms. As a designer I've built products that delight users, solve problems, and increase revenue. Beyond products, I build and lead design teams that establish system-level design-thinking and solutions.

Outside of work I make time for my family, competitive cycling, the outdoors, and burritos.

Sprint UX Podcast
011 - Push It

Kyle's on vacation, Michael has some exciting news and Cody's iPhone corner. The shift back to analog and physical products controlling digital systems. We demonstrate our lack of Amazon Dash knowledge. Simplify the relationship to our phones including the return of retro mobile phones. Cody creates UberTap; vaporware to solve his busy airport schedule. A debate on efficient experiences through single and passive interactions. Innovating on every day items and daily interactions. And finally, what's happening with conversation design/voice ui.

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