012 - Andrew Cohen: What Makes You An Expert

Andrew Cohen; head of design at Skookum joins us. Mexican Breaking Bad. The "only biggest" iPhone rumor. His path to a design lead and the importance of mentoring and helping new designers find their way. Designers who code and leveling up your expertise. Kyle hates/loves Michael. The developer and designer partnership. What is our lasting legacy as designers? And finally, can "dark patterns" be used for good?

About Andrew:
I'm a traditionally-trained Product Designer that spends his days leading and growing a team. Over the last 9+ years I've worked within agencies, startups, and consulting firms. As a designer I've built products that delight users, solve problems, and increase revenue. Beyond products, I build and lead design teams that establish system-level design-thinking and solutions.

Outside of work I make time for my family, competitive cycling, the outdoors, and burritos.

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011 - Push It

Kyle's on vacation, Michael has some exciting news and Cody's iPhone corner. The shift back to analog and physical products controlling digital systems. We demonstrate our lack of Amazon Dash knowledge. Simplify the relationship to our phones including the return of retro mobile phones. Cody creates UberTap; vaporware to solve his busy airport schedule. A debate on efficient experiences through single and passive interactions. Innovating on every day items and daily interactions. And finally, what's happening with conversation design/voice ui.

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010 - Apple Stroke

Amazon lockers, iPhone rumors and a Birthday slow burn... Happy Birthday Kyle!! This just in, recruiters are humans. A few recommendations for recruiters. We tackle a new batch of listener questions starting with our ux origin stories. We go into detail on what exactly does 2-week cycle mean? The great teanami of 2017. A sweet new tool for user interviews called Cassette.

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009 - WFH

The great ketchup debate. Cody loves challenges and iPhone 8 conspiracies. Dos and Don'ts when finding a new job: network, informational interviews, recruiters, get out there and make it happen! Lastly, the challenges of working from home or remote working.

Ketchup Refinery29
iPhone Corner
Just Junior Jobs
Zig Ziglar Book
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Cody's To Do Philosophy

  • 5 min or less do it now
  • 15 min or less do it today
  • 30 min or less do it this week
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007 - Hot Mess

Bond... James Bond. Retro multiplayer video games and video games as a social experience. We're totally awesome at polls, time for some results. Spoiler native apps win! Windows 10, Apple Pay, Apple design and Ember Conf. Why we use LinkedIn and our thoughts on the redesign. The purpose of a resume; Cody doesn't have one. Tiny buys Dribbble to add to their creative family.

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005 - Tin Can

Craziness with kids, Cody getting buff, and Apple news including iPhone history and AirPods. The importance of side projects and keeping your creative juices flowing. Payment options are getting out of control. Working from home and avoiding distractions. The secret to getting value out of your time. What does "productive time" really mean?

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004 - SuAnne Hall

We're joined by SuAnne Hall, a seasoned UX designer. We discuss starting out freelancing and how to charge, Uber conversations, and our first listener email! Advice when moving into a new role and the woes of redesigning products at scale. We end issuing a challenge to our listeners.

About SuAnne:
SuAnne Hall is a Denver-based seasoned UX designer, who's worked on a variety of projects, such as helping folks search for jobs, track down terrorists, do their taxes, and safely get from point A to B. You can find her on twitter as @swan5280

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