007 - Hot Mess

Bond... James Bond. Retro multiplayer video games and video games as a social experience. We're totally awesome at polls, time for some results. Spoiler native apps win! Windows 10, Apple Pay, Apple design and Ember Conf. Why we use LinkedIn and our thoughts on the redesign. The purpose of a resume; Cody doesn't have one. Tiny buys Dribbble to add to their creative family.

Sprint UX Podcast
005 - Tin Can

Craziness with kids, Cody getting buff, and Apple news including iPhone history and AirPods. The importance of side projects and keeping your creative juices flowing. Payment options are getting out of control. Working from home and avoiding distractions. The secret to getting value out of your time. What does "productive time" really mean?

Sprint UX Podcast
004 - SuAnne Hall

We're joined by SuAnne Hall, a seasoned UX designer. We discuss starting out freelancing and how to charge, Uber conversations, and our first listener email! Advice when moving into a new role and the woes of redesigning products at scale. We end issuing a challenge to our listeners.

About SuAnne:
SuAnne Hall is a Denver-based seasoned UX designer, who's worked on a variety of projects, such as helping folks search for jobs, track down terrorists, do their taxes, and safely get from point A to B. You can find her on twitter as @swan5280

Sprint UX Podcast
001 - Beta

It's our first episode!! We discuss the future of retail with Amazon Go, our hatred for chip cards and love for mobile payment systems, and our reading habits (or lack of). Speaking of reading; have you read Tools for Titans? We haven't. We end on our adventures with Adobe Portfolio, why going all in might be dangerous.

Sprint UX Podcast