147 - Foamy Science

Michael got new Macbook Air keys, Alex loving the UX of his dog leash and Kyle deep into Killer Queen. It's almost Sprinting through the Holidays time!! Our thoughts on the Fitbit acquisition and what it means for smart wearables. The science behind beer foam. The streaming wars amp up a level.

Sprint UX Podcast
142 - Cloud to Butt

Michael and Alex upgrade their phones and Kyle finishes the simplification of his audio gear. A listener email prompts a discussion on what we value in product management. Yahoo rebrands and updates their homepage. The Ultimate UI term cheat sheet; in a spreadsheet.

Sprint UX Podcast
140 - A Little Bit of Y

Alex gets stung by a yellow jacket! Michael works on client logos on his website. Kyle made it to the bottom of his to do list, say wah?! We discuss how to be bored. THE BEST design tips we've ever seen to take your UI to the next level! Typeface trends and selection.

Sprint UX Podcast
139 - Pleasure Reading

Kyle buttons up Develop Denver business, Alex made some jet ski friends, and Michael took a long long weekend. What happened to the browser homepage? The resurgence of print design principles. We discuss the next step after Google Material.

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